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Takes place in Post-Apocolyptic Newport City, Japan. There is a bacterial fog that covers the earth, and everyone wears masks with bacterial filters.

Police Organizations

  • Newport City Police Department- Typical police department with cruisers. SWAT team is a sub-division of the NCPD.
  • Tank Police- Has same abilities as the NCPD, except uses tanks. Was formerly an all-men’s unit until Leona was transfered to the Tank Police. Also uses unique interrogation techniques (ie, threats, throwing knives or grenades at the suspect under questioning)
  • Osaka Men’s Motorcycle Police Unit- Has same abilities as the NCPD, except on motorcycles and an all men’s unit.
  • Osaka Women’s Motorcycle Police Unit- Has same abilities as the NCPD, except on motorcycles and an all women’s unit.
  • Osaka Air Police- Uses helicopters, but other wise same capabilities as the NCPD.
  • Special Police Amphibious Tanks Corps (SPATC)- New organization to be formed in the near future (6 months or so), under supervision of both the Japanese Coast Guard and Tank Police. They will use special Amphibious Tanks that can be used on land or in sea. Most people call this division “Patsies” (a play on the initials).

Military/Para-Military Organizations

  • Red Commandos- A para-military group (not to be confused with the actual military)
  • Japan Coast Guard- Ensures security and safety at sea.

Other Organizations

  • Critical Science Development Agency- A scientific research institution and think tank.
  • Citizens Against Destructive Police (CADP)- A group of citizen activists who oppose the Tank Police. They are led by a woman who is only known as the “District Prosecutor.”
  • Don’t Demonize Poor People (DDPP)- Organization headed by an anonymous person. Homeless/Poor people’s civil rights.

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Background Information

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