Character Creation

Stats: 15 Points
Character: 20 Points
Skill: 20 Points
Books: BESM 1st edition and Dominion Tank Police setting.

You can be human or cyborg (no androids), you must be in the Tank Police department, or with an associated department currently cross-training with the Tank Police. SPATCs or the Motorcycle departments would be a good choice to cross-train with the Tank Police.


The available Pregens are:

Britain-Squad Leader
Specs-Squad Geek/Scientist
Chaplain-Squad Voice of Reason/Religious adviser (In most cases)
Leona Ozaki*-New to the squad, is obsessed with her tank, Bonaparte
Al Cu Ad Solte *-Leona’s partner, and drives Bonaparte. Has a crush on Leona.

*Al and Leona must be played together.

All Police departments start out with Police Grade Body Armor (pg 156, Appendix 2) and Police Grade Bacterial/Gas Mask (pg 157, Appendix 2). Aside from these, you may start with 2 Minor items and 1 Major Item (which can be combined with another player or NPC). Anhans cannot be obtained by any Police Member.

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Character Creation

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